Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy


Protection of customer information is one of the top priorities of Tasty Click. We take customer privacy and the trust that you put in our company very seriously; because of this, we take great steps to ensure that this trust is maintained. Our privacy policy has been designed to protect the privacy of our customers effectively without reducing the quality of the services that we provide. This page contains some of the basic information policies and practices that govern how we use and protect customer information on Tasty Click website and other affiliated services.

Please keep it in mind that this privacy policy is only applicable to the personal information that you provide to Tasty Click website and to its affiliated services. Tasty Click will not be held responsible for any divulgence of personal information to third party websites, advertisements and applications which are accessible through this website. Please read the privacy policy of the relevant third party website/application before giving out personal information.



In order to use the services that we provide through Tasty Click, we require you to submit some personally identifiable information. This includes a number of items, including the customer’s name, address, email, telephone number, date of birth and other relevant information that we require to effectively carry out deliveries. Upon submission of this information, you must also consent to Tasty Click’s use of this information, as indicated within this policy.

Non registered users of this website may have their anonymous information (including cookie information and their IP address) recorded by Tasty Click from their web browsers. This helps Tasty Click get an idea of the traffic pattern and preferences of its users. This information is used to help us improve website performance and expand the processes that we utilize to serve our customer base.



Tasty Click gathers and uses personal information strictly to ensure the smooth functioning of its operations. This involves ensuring that the customer deliveries are processed quickly and there are no confusions or mishaps in the order. Tasty Click also uses the information which is collected through customer surveys for several purposes; the main purpose is to assess the quality of services so that we can improve and adapt to consumer needs. Tasty Click may also use this information to conduct market research over email or telephone, which is used in order to customize and better improve your website experience.



Tasty Click gathers personal information strictly for running the services that it provides. Tasty Click will not disclose your information to any third party without prior user consent. We may provide your information to our employees and affiliated business partners in order to carry out service deliveries, to keep records, and to administer your account. These individuals and organizations will be bound by this privacy policy and will operate within the boundaries set out by this privacy policy.

The only case in which Tasty Click will disclose your personally identifiable information to a third party is if the law requires us to do so. We will disclose your personal information to the authorities if you breach our terms and conditions, or if we are served with a legal court order. Tasty Click will also share information with other organizations with the intent to prevent fraud and credit risk. Any action taken by Tasty Click will be fully within the limits and the boundaries of the law.



Like many other websites, Tasty Click uses cookies. Cookies are small anonymous data files with a unique signature identifier, which are used for user authentication. Cookies are absolutely essential for the services provided by Tasty Click; disabling them will hinder your website experience. We also use them to customize the user’s online experience to track the traffic pattern and the size of our user population. Tasty Click specifically uses java based first party cookies, which may collect some basic anonymous information about the user.

Once again, we remind our users that our privacy policy only covers cookies used by Tasty Click. We will not be held accountable for the cookies used by any third party advertiser/website.



Tasty Click prides itself on adhering to the industry accepted standards for the protection of user account information; as well as the personally identifiable information in our records. We use SSL technology on our systems to encrypt data transmissions and provide maximum protection. Please note that despite our best efforts, there is no absolute guarantee that these data transmissions cannot be accessed due to software or firewall failure. Therefore, it’s recommended that users take some steps of their own to minimize the risk involved.



Our users are reminded that any changes to the privacy policy will be posted on the website. They should regularly visit this page to review any changes that have occurred. Tasty Click may notify the users of such changes via email or post a notice on the website.



If you have any questions or concerns regarding the privacy policy, please feel free to contact our Customer Support team at +23498765874 or +23412953850. You can also email us at


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